Who are Social-Ability

Social-Ability is a social venture with an ambition to make society happier.  Our first goal is to spark laughter and happiness for everyone living with dementia. Our motivation comes from experience of living with dementia in our families and as a result, we only choose to market and develop products we believe in.

As a team, we’ve got a history of working with interactive lights and working closely with the dementia care industry and many of our team are motivated by personal experiences of having lived with dementia in our own families.

We believe this makes a difference.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with many of the top care home groups in the UK and Ireland, as well as with many libraries, hospitals and community centres.

However, we saw opportunities to increase our impact and wanted to do more to tackle the challenges faced by those with dementia in their lives.

We started out with a simple idea – to listen to the many care staff, friends and family that we’d met and worked with to develop something truly ground-breaking. A best-in-class magic table projector paired with a service offering so powerful, we were willing to guarantee its effectiveness. And so, Social-Ability was born…

We’re on that journey now and we’d love you to join us.

Discover our Happiness Programme

The UK’s best interactive light projector
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Ongoing training to staff,
friends and family

Reporting to help provide an
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