Deck the magic table 360 with boughs of holly!

To celebrate our Christmas release, and to make our office feels as festive as possible, the Social-Ability team have had fun this week decorating our own magic table 360. We thought we’d share some of our designs with you and some tips for how to safely do this yourselves.

Whether it’s tinsel, baubles, holly or lights, we look forward to seeing some festive pics over the next week or two!

A very merry Christmas to all our subscribers.

Tips for safely decorating your magic table 360 projector and stand

  1.  Make sure the wheel brakes are on so that the stand doesn’t move when you’re decorating.
  2. Don’t put anything on top of the projector or on the sides as this will block the circulation vents and may cause the projector to overheat.
  3. Avoid any baubles/decorations from blocking the projector lens or the motion sensor camera (you might notice a drop in quality of the sensitivity if this happens).
  4. As we’ve shown in our pictures, we suggest only decorating the stand and base of your magic table 360 (and not the projector itself).

As always, if you’re a subscriber, we’d love to hear (and see!) any pictures you take of your decorative efforts. Join us now and share on our subscriber-only Facebook group.