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Guidance for socially-distanced magic table 360 sessions

We continue to be incredibly impressed with the resourcefulness and determination of many of the care teams we’re working with. At a time when other activities and life as we know it has been so drastically affected, running socially distanced sessions has and will likely continue to be a critical part of so many care locations’ daily and weekly activities.

We’ve been asked to pull together some useful guidance on running such sessions. Below are just some ideas of how to utilise the magic table 360 during the difficult time of lockdown restrictions and isolation.

  • We’ve designed the magic table 360 to be a safe way for individuals to play with the interactive light so there shouldn’t be a need for anyone to touch any shared equipment.
  • Try these session ideas:
    • playing a session on a large floor area. For example, try a seated game of football or just having a sensory game such as Autumn Leaves or Rose Petals for people to walk through.
    • run a session that focuses on our listening games, perhaps later in the day. There’s a dedicated playlist for this called Radio Stations.
    • run a session that focuses on ceiling games which allows a large projection and people sat further apart. Again, there’s a dedicated playlist of this called Ceiling.
  • The magic table 360 can be brought into people’s bed areas to be enjoyed on bedsheets, for giving sessions of sensory stimulation and 1:1 support.
  • As there are just a few touch points on the projectors themselves, we recommend that clinell wipes or similar are used on remotes and touch points such as the clamp, especially if multiple people are moving it around.
  • Any props such as paint brushes can be cleaned before and after being shared.
  • All parts of the magic table 360 can be cleaned with suitable wipes, except for the actual lens, we recommend that this is not touched and only cleaned with a soft microfibre cloth.
  • If you are using the projections on a shared table then please clean the table after using it for an activity.
  • Whiteboards are helpful for bringing into people’s bedrooms to project the games onto as they can be wiped down after use.
  • The games will also work well on bedsheets and we have a playlist of games that are designed for this.

If you feel like we’ve missed anything on our list, or have a story to share, we’d love to hear it.

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