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How to connect the WiFi to your magic table 360 (and access new games & reporting)

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How to connect the magic table 360 to WiFi

  1. When the Magic Table 360 is switched on, navigate to the main menu by pressing the home button on the black remote control. 
  2. Navigate to the networks icon and press OK.
  3. Click on the network you wish to join.
  4. Enter your WiFi’s password (you may need to ask your administrator for this). Navigate to the ‘enter’ icon and press OK.
  5. When you have successfully connected to the WiFi, you will see a message saying, ‘Connected Successfully’. You will also see a green circle appear in the bottom right corner. This may take up to 45 seconds. 
  6. If the green circle doesn’t appear in the bottom right corner, go back to the main menu by pressing the home button. Navigate to the ‘Restart’ icon and press OK. Once the unit has restarted, navigate to the ‘Networks’ icon and press OK. You should see the message saying ‘Connected Successfully’, and the green circle should now appear in the bottom right corner. 

After following these steps, if you’re still unable to connect to the WiFi we suggest re-checking that you’re using the correct password. You can try to connect a mobile phone to the same network to see if it connects. You could try using an alternative network, if one is available. Hotspotting through your mobile phone could also work, so please try this too. 

If you still can’t connect to WiFi, please contact us for further help.

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