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Playing the magic table 360 on the ceiling

Why use the magic table 360 on the ceiling? 

Using the magic table 360 on the ceiling is a wonderful way to excite your residents, to change their gaze, to free up your table space, or to reach those living in their bed. This can be fantastic for those who already spend a lot of their time looking at their ceiling while in bed, and something for other residents too, just for an exciting change. 

How can I use the magic table 360 on the ceiling? 

To switch into ceiling mode is very simple: while looking straight at the projector, hold it on the front face with one hand and gently twist it until the lens faces up. 

If the projector is very high up on the stand, you can lower it to achieve a larger projection. Use the allen keys if you need to. Be mindful to avoid tension in the cable as it is connecting the magic table 360 to the stand. 

For the best size and sensitivity, we recommend adjusting the playing surface via the main menu. 

When the projector has been turned upside down, you may find that the projection requires rotating. This is easy to do without needing to physically turn the projector pole: simply press the button with 3 bullet point lines on your remote. The projection will disappear momentarily and the reappear to face the opposite direction. 

To move the projector back into tabletop mode, simply twist it gently back into position, being mindful of the cable, and readjust to suit to your desired surface. 

We recommend that you supervise residents while the magic table 360 is on the ceiling to watch for their reactions and to be on hand to adjust the games to suit their preferences. 


The ability to turn the projector onto the ceiling brings benefits of the magic table to many more people too. For example, residents sitting in recliner chars may also find it easier to view and enjoy the projections on the ceiling rather than on a table. It has also been a highly useful option for providing sensory stimulation and meaningful activity for people isolating in rooms and socially distancing.

What game should I choose? 

We recommend experimenting with what games work best for your players and residents. To help and to reduce time spent scrolling through the menu, we have created a playlist in the Playlist Menu to shuffle games that are suitable for use on the ceiling.

These games required no interaction to still be enjoyable to watch and to listen. When this playlist is selected, the magic table 360 will play through the games and change them every 5 minutes, but you can skip ahead to the next game using the arrow keys if you prefer.

The games in this playlist are:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Deep Breaths (+ 2 other breathing games)
  • Flower Bloom
  • Fruit Patch
  • Pond Fishing 2
  • Star Gaze
  • Ripples
  • Balloon Pop
  • Bubble Burst
  • Elvis Radio (+ 2 other radio games)

However, different games that are not in this playlist may be the most exciting for other residents and spark their interest, for example, seeing the football pitch on the Match of the Day game could be extremely engaging for a football fan! We recommend spending at least 30 minutes with each person to find out what works best for them. You can log your findings and write your recommendations to other staff members in your Happiness Tracker logbook template. 

Some of the games have been particularly designed for ceiling use and so we highly recommend trying them out if you are using the magic table in this way. 

Spotlight: Star Gaze

Residents of all abilities may watch in amazement as you create magical scenes in any room, for example, our Star Gaze game with twinkling stars and soothing sounds of the galaxy. Residents may find this particularly wonderful projected above their bed in the morning or the night time. We have designed to music and sounds to be as gentle as possible and have found it useful to have to set the scene and will help to mask any distracting sounds from your surroundings. 

Spotlight: Ripples

You may want to use a game to theme a room in a different room for example, Ripples with gentle solo piano and water sounds to set a beautiful scene for a room, with pebbles and rockpools appearing on the ceiling. This may we relaxing enough by itself, or alongside other activities that are going on. Using the projector on the ceiling will allow you to use table surfaces for something else, perhaps an art and craft activity or to set up a spa treatment room. It can work well for those in bed for a sensory experience with a regularly changing rockpool background to inspire and to be enjoyed. 

Can I play the games or do I just have to watch? 

For those who want a real stretch, props can be used to reach and interact with games! We recommend soft light props such as foam noodles for a fun experience where you can play any game.

To find out more or talk to us about the Happiness Programme, contact us here.