A proven activity for people living with dementia

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a little more laughter in our lives? 

Especially those living with dementia who have struggled with the significant disruption that Covid-19 has caused. 

Through the power of light, the Happiness Programme is changing the lives of people across the UK, through every day interactive play experiences that encourage participation, engagement and social experience.

The Happiness Programme is focused on supporting:

  • people living with dementia
  • their carer team
  • their friends and family.

A Bupa case study

Hear from the care team at The Kensington, a Bupa care home based in London 

We’re using it with our dementia residents (early and advanced stages) and room-bound individuals as well as those we’re caring for with brain injuries and stroke recovery.

We’re now delivering more person-centred activities and creating a connection with our residents.

We’re improving well-being for people living with dementia

Both the magic table 360 – our interactive light projector – and our games are designed around common themes of physical and cognitive stimulation and social interaction. Our technology is built upon a growing body of research demonstrating the benefits of playing with interactive light (see the research here) to those living with dementia.

The Happiness Programme provides the structure, guidance and support to better enable care venues, their care staff and friends and family to maximise these benefits and deliver improved care outcomes, which include:

  1. Reducing falls
  2. Reducing reliance on anti-psychotic drug use
  3. Increasing weight gain (read the Hallmark case study)

We’re supporting care venues and their staff

We’re working with hundreds of care venues across the UK, from independent care homes to the UK’s largest care groups as well as pioneering local authorities and community services.

The Happiness Programme can support effective activity provision that supports

  • Happier staff
  • Cost savings

We’re creating opportunity for friends and family 

Through providing an activity that’s accessible to all, we’re supporting friends and family of loves ones in care to build stronger relationships. The appeal of playing fun, interactive and engaging games is universal, which also provides opportunities for intergenerational play and cherished memories with young children and family members.

It’s a wonderful piece of equipment. It’s made a huge difference during lockdown, with no visitors or other entertainment. We’re running multiple sessions a day and everyone loves the Piggy Bank game and Elvis radio!

It’s had a real impact on us.
Karen Ashton, Deputy Manager at Holme Lea, HC-One

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It’s a proven activity for those living with dementia

There are more than a dozen research studies which have linked interactive lights with three outcomes:

  • Sensory stimulation
  • Relaxation
  • Reminiscence

You can read about the research or read our introduction to interactive light technology here.

Keep exploring the Happiness Programme

Find out more about our interactive projector, the games and how these deliver better care outcomes for those with dementia, learning disabilities and in rehabilitation

A chart demonstrating the impact of the Happiness Programme

Find out more about the monthly structured programme helping care staff deliver best-in-class activities and supporting better care outcomes across the UK

Discover what our subscribers are saying about the Happiness Programme’s impact, with feedback from Barchester, Hallmark, HC-One, NHS staff, and day centre managers

3 reasons to join the Happiness Programme today

A super-fast way to turbo charge your existing activities programme, with interactive games proven effective for those with cognitive challenges

Start the programme immediately, with monthly training modules aimed to support better care outcomes and deliver best-in-class activity provision

Support the well-being of those you care for, drive down your costs and give your staff a transformative activity they’ll love using for 1-2-1, group and family-based activities

Join the Happiness Programme

We’re working with big care groups to small independent homes, libraries and community centres to NHS trusts and hospitals. The Happiness Programme can help in any setting which is caring for people living with dementia.

Since the introduction of our magic table 360 a few weeks ago, we have seen a positive effect on the well-being of our residents with reduced anxiety, apathy and restlessness.
Leanne Duffety, Grace Care, Order of St John’s Care Trust