Life changing activities for people living in care

Custom-designed interactive light games delivering better care outcomes

The activities at the heart of the Happiness Programme are based on interactive light games. We’ve developed over 40 games and are constantly releasing new and seasonal games to maintain engagement levels.

Designed and developed by our own team

We often take game ideas from our subscribers and use the feedback we receive to constantly improve the game play experience.

From sound effects, to colours and the speed of game play, our games are developed by the Social-Ability team and built upon the proven principles that  interactive light can have on people living with cognitive challenges (see the research here).

It’s the programme that delivers better care outcomes

Central to what we do is the belief that tailoring and personalising activity based care is key. It’s why everyone of our subscribers joins the same version of the Happiness Programme, accessing the same content and training, and paying the same monthly fee.

What differs is our approach, with our Social Impact team guiding care venues and their care staff through different training modules, dependant on their specific needs.

This makes us stand out a little to what else you might have seen or heard about but we believe this is the only activities based approach that can lead to repeatable and demonstrable improvements in care outcomes.

Delivering for dementia care

Social-Ability started because our founders had personal experience of living with dementia in the family. We’ve grown quickly, working with some of the biggest dementia care groups like HC-One, Barchester and Order of St John’s Care Trust, as well as some of the biggest day centre services and local authorities in the UK.
Find out more on how the Happiness Programme can help people with dementia.

Delivering for learning disability care 

We’re working with LD specialists such as FitzRoy to support adults with learning disabilities and autism across the UK. Our games have different levels, allowing carers to adjust to a significant range of capabilities and care needs and our on-going training supports care teams to explore new activity ideas and introduce a range of new approaches.
Find out more about how we’re supporting people with learning disabilities.

It starts and ends with a smile

Above all, we’re here to make people happier and this is the overriding objective of the Happiness Programme. We even measure the before and after effects on people’s happiness. We track this and call it our Happiness Index; something which we’re proud of and which helps chart the impact we’re having on the care venues and care staff we support.

Introducing the magic table 360

The UK’s best interactive projector

Move between social spaces and individual rooms

We’ve designed the magic table 360 to be lightweight and portable. The projector attaches to a stand that has wheels on its base. These can lock into position, making both the stand and projector secure once in its desired position.

Play anytime, anywhere with anyone

The magic table 360 projects on to almost any surface – walls, floors, ceilings, even bed sheets. This makes it practical for staff whilst ensuring everyone has the chance to experience the activities whatever their physical capacity.

Made in the UK, with superhero support

We’re proud to be making the projector here in the UK and whilst we take every step to ensure everything arrives and performs perfectly, our team are always on hand to support with any questions or technical issues you might experience.

New games, new experiences, new opportunities

We’re regularly releasing new games and seasonal updates, to keep the activities fresh for both those with care needs and their care staff, friends and family who are facilitating the sessions.

Personalised activities

Upload photos, or encourage family members and friends to do so, and personalise the play experience with imagery that matters. Friends, family, pets, locations – whatever the images are, bring them to life with colour and light.

Find out how the Happiness Programme could help you, your care team and those you care for

We are delighted by the initial response of the residents at The Spires Care Home. Designed to create moments of happiness for the residents, it is heart-warming to provide positive and invaluable experiences, with residents more motivated to interact with staff, family and carers alike.”
Dr Pete Calveley, CEO of Barchester Healthcare

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