An introduction to interactive lights

a magic table 360 graphic

At its most simple, the magic table 360 is a powerful light projector, some clever computing and an infrared sensor. The technology has been around for a while and yet it’s only now that this simple, safe technology is being adopted in the dementia care industry.

The magic table 360 works by projecting light on to a surface – this could be a table, floor, ceiling or even someone’s bed – and as hands, arms or feet move through the light, the games that are projected begin to change and move.

It’s this concept that’s at the heart of what we do.

The games, (see them here), are what we spend our time focused on as it’s the ability for the games to capture people’s attention and draw them into what’s happening in front of them that creates the magic.

Designed around a number of core principles, our games focus on:

  • Stimulating movement
  • Creating shared experience
  • Enhancing emotional well-being

The games are designed for everyone to use, whatever the stage of their journey with dementia. This also means it’s quick and easy for friends, family and volunteers to play and help run sessions.

We’re careful to ensure each game has a universal appeal (and elements of the games are regularly refreshed), however care and activities team’s will quickly become experts in the subtleties of each game as the outcomes, responses, personal preferences and ways in which the games are played can all differ dramatically for those playing the games.

These are all themes we cover in the training sessions we run as part of the Happiness Programme and is why we never stop learning about how the magic table 360 is being used to engage and bring happiness to those using it.

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We are delighted by the initial response of the residents at The Spires Care Home. Designed to create moments of happiness for the residents, it is heart-warming to provide positive and invaluable experiences, with residents more motivated to interact with staff, family and carers alike.”
Dr Pete Calveley, CEO of Barchester Healthcare

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