The UK’s best magic table

What makes the magic table 360 the best interactive light projector for people living with dementia?

With our team’s background in interactive lights, and having visited many hundreds of care homes across the UK, we’ve consistently heard that delivering excellent dementia care and compiling CQC evidence are two of the top challenges in delivering good care.

And it’s with these challenges in mind that we’ve designed the magic table 360.

We’ve spent a lot of time working with care homes from across the UK to develop our technology and to establish an on-going process of feedback to further enhance our games.

However, we started out with an ambition to solve some of the challenges facing care homes who’ve wanted to introduce innovative technology.

This is why we’ve developed the following features for our magic table 360…

Regularly rotated & seasonal games
Designed to keep the experience fresh for staff and carers.

Multiple hardware options
Depending on your needs, we can provide ceiling, wall or stand mounted models of the magic table 360.

Small, lightweight unit
Designed to work in any space and easily moved between rooms (no facilities team needed) .

Designed and manufactured in the UK
With speedy, UK-based support and service included.

360-degree projection
A flexible, easy-to-rotate stand to allow projections at almost any angle and on to any surface.

Reporting and social impact
Detailed usage reports, deep dive evaluations and a happiness tracker helps provide an activities evidence base for CQC.

Join our Happiness Programme

Ongoing training to staff,
friends and family

Reporting and evaluations to help support a CQC evidence base.

3 great reasons to start the Happiness Programme

A fast, no hassle and contactless set up with the magic table 360 delivered to your door.

An initial video training session and ongoing support for you and your care team.

Access everything for a single, monthly fee with no contract or minimum term.

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