The programme’s details

A multi-purpose programme

Great technology isn’t enough. Instead we see it as an enabler, not as an end goal or outcome. This is why we place so much focus on the programme of training, support, content and reporting that surrounds the tech-based activities we provide.

The programme aims to get each subscriber delivering against 9 key uses of the interactive light games which in turn contribute towards successful use and meaningful care outcomes.

We summarise this approach with our happiness pyramid.

Supported from day 1

Even before you receive your interactive projector, you’ll hear from our team with simple how-to advice and set up instructions, as well as initial training. You’ll start to receive weekly game guidance featuring best practice advice and regular updates on new games, features and support.

Outcome oriented monthly features

Each month has a theme where our Social Impact team will talk to you about 1 of our 9 uses, through training, videos and content that we send you. As the pyramid suggests, we benchmark against these 9 uses to help define what good looks like – from adopting a whole home approach, and engaging and training all staff to a focus on sensory-led activities through the use of specific games and session structure.

Feedback, evidence and care outcome reporting

A key part of the Happiness Programme is being able to track and chart success, both over time at a single care venue and by looking at aggregated data to understand where the norms of use are. Throughout the programme you’ll steadily build up a history of use, with the ambition for each care venue and its care staff to deliver best-in-class activities across all 9 use cases.

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