Reporting and evaluations

We’ve listened to extensive feedback from care home managers and activities staff as well as the regulators from across the UK. This led us to developing our reporting suite and social impact tools. Aiming to support the delivery of better personalised care and to help provide an evidence base for CQC Key Lines of Enquiry (KLoE), our reporting has 3 key aspects to it to help build up a rich picture of usage and impact.

Monthly reporting

Understand how your magic table is being used with a host of reports delivered by email each month. Understand which games are most popular, your usage patterns and compare this against industry benchmarks. With this information, identify successes, spot trends and even opportunities for further use.

In-depth evaluations

We provide structured deep dive analysis of your activities, assessing the impact on your care staff, integration with the local community and the impact on happiness levels among your residents. Help build an evidence base for 5 KLoE and establish future training needs and additional engagement and interaction opportunities.

Documenting your magic table activities

In addition to the above reporting features, we provide a Happiness Tracker which enables staff, family and friends to capture the many happy, personal moments experienced by residents as they play with the magic table.

These individual entries help to add emotional stories and context to the usage statistics and deep dive analysis.

When combined, these three sources of reporting and activity tracking can help provide an evidence base for CQC, the Care Inspectorate, HIQA or RQIA.

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