How our Happiness Programme works

Request a month’s trial by completing this form. We’ll ask for some basic information and ask you to set up a direct debit* so you can roll on to our pay monthly contract if you’re happy after your trial.

You get your first month for free and without obligation. Seriously, you don’t pay a penny until your second month.

Once the paperwork’s sorted, we’ll deliver your magic table and you’ll join our Happiness Programme. We’ll run a training session with your staff, provide you with all our training materials and be on the end of the phone if you need us.

After that, you have 30 days to try all the games and support services we offer. Our aim is to have you playing with the magic table and increasing your residents’ happiness levels every day!

You then have until day 25 of your trial to decide if the Happiness Programme is right for you, testing out everything we have to offer.

From month 2, you’ll pay £250 a month (excludes VAT) on a two year contract, safe in the knowledge that it’s already delivering exceptional activities and working at your care organisation.

Want to know more about what we offer. Read more about our magic table, our services and our reporting, or contact us.

Discover our Happiness Programme

The UK’s best interactive light projector
with regular game updates

Ongoing training to staff,
friends and family

Reporting to help provide an
evidence base for CQC

* We use the 3rd party payment provider GoCardless to handle our direct debit payments. This is who handles your payment details and who we use to take the direct debit payment each month.

You can find more information about GoCardless on their website  and read their privacy policy here.