What our customers say

The team no longer worry about what activity to engage B with as they just take the table with them and spend time with her and the care team enjoy the engagements and feel empowered to do activities alone.

Engagement is on the increase with residents and outcomes are amazing especially for residents like B (living with dementia).

Kat Beeton, Lifestyles Team Leader at Alexandra Grange

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It’s a wonderful piece of equipment. It’s made a huge difference during lockdown, with no visitors or other entertainment. We’re running multiple sessions a day and everyone loves the Piggy Bank game and Elvis radio!

It’s had a real impact on us.

Karen Ashton, Deputy Manager at Holme Lea, HC-One

Since the introduction of our magic table 360 a few weeks ago, we have seen a positive effect on the well-being of our residents with reduced anxiety, apathy and restlessness.

Engagement levels with the table are high and this has helped to further strengthen relationships with staff and residents. We have also seen an increased interaction between residents during this time, particularly from those with a diagnosis of dementia who are now benefiting from the physical and social stimulation the Happiness Programme brings.

Leanne Duffety, Grace Care, Order of St John’s Care Trust

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“The Magic Table has brought interest and wonder to the day centre service users.

The imaginative, easy to use games have increased not only happiness, but friendly competitiveness!”

Natalie McCann, Day Centre Coordinator at Thie Meanagh Day Centre

We now want to get the magic table 360 out in as many homes and during as many sessions as possible. Even when Braid House fully reopens, we’ll continue taking it into people’s homes, especially for those too unwell or unable to attend the day centre.

Alyson McKenzie, Operational Manager at Braid House

Read the full case study here.

We have a service user who is non-verbal and never interacts with people. He engaged so much with the magic table. It was lovely to watch.

It truly warrants all the hard work we did trying to get it.

Jo Ludlow – Manager at Buckinghamshire County Council

The fact it’s portable and we can take it in to people’s individual rooms is amazing. For those with late-stage dementia, even if they can’t physically interact, they still benefit hugely. Just by looking at it, they are engaging. 

Kate Day, Manager at Langdale House